Nutrisystem Alternatives – Which is Better Than Nutrisystem?

Weight loss can be hard to achieve and people keep trying fad diets from time to time until they are dejected and frustrated. Most diet programs are aimed at quick weight loss solutions but fail to consider the impact that these can have on the body. This is why you need a diet plan that is scientific, flexible, customizable, and sustainable.

Nutrisystem appears to tick all the boxes because it is an effective weight loss program which is not only easy-to-follow but also sustainable. The program can be customized to cater to dieters’ needs and preferences. It focuses on providing nutrient-rich, portion-controlled, tasty meals that can give you the calories your body needs without making you overeat.

Why is Nutrisystem a highly rated diet program?

The program delivers pre-cooked and pre-packaged meals straight to your home. This makes it super convenient as it is both time-saving and requires no effort on your part. All you have to do is place an order for a meal plan on their official website. The best part about Nutrisystem is that there are plans for everyone; regardless of gender, age, health conditions, etc. So, you will find separate diet plans for nursing mothers, vegetarians, diabetics, seniors, women, etc.

Nutrisystem believed in including all essential components which are important for carrying out optimal body functions. In doing so, it eliminates all unwanted ingredients such as unhealthy fats, preservatives, or fatty foods which can make meals tasty but add extra pounds. The idea is to include more lean proteins, good carbs, fiber-rich foods, and healthy fats in the meals. Nutrisystem meals contain foods having low Glycemic Index which helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. According to experts, Nutrisystem seems to strike a chord with dieters because it encourages them to eat real wholesome foods. It teaches dieters’ healthy eating habits, portion-control, and the importance of well-balanced meals.

Overview of Nutrisystem plans and menu options:

The first diet week is typically more restrictive than the remaining three weeks. This is designed to jump start your metabolism and prepare your body to lose weight faster. You are free to add fresh fruits and vegetables that you buy from your neighborhood grocery. Following the first week, you can incorporate Flex Meals which are made using your choice of ingredients. You can use their recipes to stick to the diet guidelines. And the NuMi app can make your weight loss journey manageable and hassle-free.

Nutrisystem offers different types of plans that are distinct from one another in terms of structure, menu choices, and pricing.


The Nutrisystem Basic plan offers 3 meals every day including snacks; the scope for customizability is limited under this plan. You should choose this program when you want to lose weight healthily along with gaining lean muscles. It will offer only ready-to-go meals and not the gourmet frozen meals. In short, you will not have to refrigerate meals as these are shelf-stable. You are also free to enjoy two days of Flex Meals where you get to make your own lunch, breakfast, or dinner by following the program’s guidelines.


This plan is a little more advanced than the previous plan because dieters are free to customize it. You can choose from more than 100 menu options and even reach out to a dietary coach for advice and guidance.

Uniquely Yours:

This is perhaps the most popular amongst Nutrisystem plans given its huge variety of menu choices. Dieters can choose from more than 160 options, including frozen gourmet meals. This means you have access to a much wider range of foods and menus. Unlike the original Nutrisystem premium option where you could get only a limited number of frozen meals, this new option offers unlimited menu choices. It is best known for its amazing offering of desserts, such as chocolate brownie sundaes and red velvet pies. The more popular meals in this plan are roasted turkey with mashed potatoes, chicken parmesan, and pepperoni pizza melt.

Uniquely Yours Ultimate:

This type is almost similar to the Uniquely Yours option except that it offers 28 extra shakes. So, it is the most premium plan having all the bells and whistles. Dieters will be provided with 7 days of snacks and meals, instead of the usual 5. The plan has all frozen food options, and you are free to customize the menus and access online support. You will be provided with the free jump-start kit as well as free shipping when you pay for this plan. Just like you get to choose a men or women’s version of every plan, you can also get specialized programs for diabetics through the Uniquely Yours plans.

Diabetes plan:

This is meant for people suffering from diabetes or fluctuating blood glucose levels. So, it obviously contains foods which will keep your blood sugar levels in check and prevent them from spiking or plunging.

Vegetarian plan:

This is designed for dieters who can only consume plant-based foods in order to lose the extra weight.

What makes Nutrisystem a better choice than its alternatives like Medifast or South Beach Diet?

If you consider the overall food quality or taste, both Medifast and South Beach diets can be compared to Nutrisystem. But Medifast, for instance, had been designed by a doctor for quick weight loss purposes. So, it is more restrictive and stringent by nature. This makes it harder to adjust to and more challenging to sustain in the long run. Medifast meals are convenient and low-calorie; the company provides five pre-packaged meals for you but the last green and lean meal must be self-made. The choice in menus is restricted when compared to Nutrisystem. Most foods are in the form of shakes, soups, bars, etc; this may be easy-to-carry but not like whole foods that you are used to eating. Most importantly, the costs are higher especially when you look at the great discounts that Nutrisystem offers from time to time.

The South Beach diet is another popular Nutrisystem alternative which makes you lose weight in 3 stages. The first phase demands that you eliminate sugar and carbs from your diet; you can reintroduce good carbs once you have reached your weight loss goals. Phase 2 preps your body for long term weight loss while Phase 3 is the maintenance phase. Meals contain fatty foods but low carbs which might be hard for dieters to get used to, especially during the first week. So, you should try this diet only when you don’t have to step outside for 2 weeks.

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