Medifast Alternatives – Which is Best?

Managing one’s weight is turning out to be one of the biggest challenges today for health-conscious individuals. As lifestyle health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments continue to rise, keeping the extra pounds at bay becomes all the more important. But, how can you achieve an optimal weight? Obviously, the first step is to find the right diet program that will teach you how to eat right and develop healthy eating habits.

The truth is even when we know what to eat and how much to eat, we are unable to follow it. The reason for this is a constant struggle to juggle between house chores and office pressure. We get so caught up in everyday activities that we fail to take time out to cook healthy meals at home or work out to burn the extra fat. In such a situation, who can you turn to? It is here that diet planners like Medifast, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet, etc., can come to your rescue. They make meal planning easy and ensure you can eat pre-cooked nutritious meals every time.

Now with so many options to choose from, which diet planner amongst these can you trust? While all of them will provide you with diet meals that are calorie controlled, you need a diet planner that will help you lose weight in a safe and healthy way. It should help you keep the extra pounds off without having to sacrifice foods that you like to eat. Medifast is one such diet program aimed at helping you lose weight in a hassle-free manner.

What are Medifast alternatives that you should consider?

Medifast had been started in 1980 by a doctor keen to launch weight loss products to help his patients. With time, it merged with other organizations and has now grown into a trusted name in the diet world. Like Nutrisystem, it offers different meal plans for women and men and offers meals containing a mix of fresh foods and prepackaged products. Medifast can help you lose a whole weight in very little time, but this can be hard for the body to adjust to. Instead, Nutrisystem is easier-to-follow and focuses on inculcating healthy eating practices.

If you are looking for Medifast alternatives, Nutrisystem is the first choice that comes to mind. Medifast may offer well-balanced nutritious meals but choices are far limited when compared with Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem provides low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein meals which are not only wholesome but tasty. You can choose from more than 150 different menus when you sign up for Nutrisystem plans. Medifast has a modest collection of menus and these are primarily in the form of bars, shakes, pasta soups, and breakfast foods.

Why is Nutrisystem a better alternative to Medifast?

Medifast 5 & 1 diet plan offers 5 portion-controlled meals to be complemented by one Lean and Green meal that dieters must cook at home. For the lean and green meal, you need to add fresh foods bought from the grocery. This diet planner has launched the Medifast Flex and Medifast Go plans; these are strict by nature, guaranteeing a significant weight loss every week. Meals are not as tasty as Nutrisystem making it somewhat harder for dieters to stick to the program. Besides, the diet is difficult to sustain in the long term. 

Medifast provides meals that are rich in minerals and vitamins; dieters can choose from different types of food groups like healthy fats, lean proteins, and vegetables. Medifast Flex offers more fruits, nutritional snacks, and yogurts in their meal plan. If you look at Nutrisystem plans, you will see that it completely relieves you of the burden of watching your calories. All meals are portion-controlled and calorie-controlled. There is no need for you to prepare anything at home although you are free to add fresh fruits or veggies to the meals.

When you place orders for a month-long supply of Nutrisystem meals, you can be certain these will arrive directly at your doorstep. The meals are nutrient-dense and tasty, resembling regular meals that you may be used to eating otherwise. Nutrisystem even offers frozen gourmet foods which draw inspiration from restaurant-styled menus. Dieters can choose either shelf-stable foods or frozen foods; all they have to do is heat the meals before eating. So, in terms of convenience and variety, Nutrisystem scores past most diet planners. The variety is impressive and the choice of menus will not leave you disappointed. Even those craving for desserts will be able to continue dieting without having to sacrifice their sweet treats. This just goes to show the flexibility and customizability which Nutrisystem plans offer.

As far as prices are concerned, Nutrisystem meals turn out to be reasonably priced. While Medifast meals are also affordable, you can expect to enjoy big savings with regular Nutrisystem promotional and discount offers. Medifast doesn’t make workouts mandatory when you subscribe to their meal plans. But Nutrisystem actively encourages daily workouts to supplement their diet meals. It has even come out with useful DVDs for both women and men to incorporate exercises into their daily routine.

Besides Nutrisystem, there are quite a few diet programs out there which can be good alternatives to Medifast. Of these, The South Beach Diet is a popular option because of its tasty menu options and affordability. Dieters following this diet have been seen to lose a significant amount of weight. South Beach Diet seems to have made an impression because of its delectable snacks and meals which makes it easier for dieters to stick to it. When compared to Medifast, it is more pocket-friendly. And most importantly, it can be sustained for the long-term. Not only can you lose the extra weight quickly but also develop skills to maintain this.

Another popular diet planner is the BistroMD which too had been designed by a medic for helping people lose weight in an effective and safe way. It provides nutritionally-balanced meals guaranteed to help you shed the extra pounds. BistroMD is known for its customizability, expert advice, and top-of-the-line foods. Weight Watchers is yet another recognized name in the world of diet planners offering real foods and cutting down on processed ones. Heavily-processed foods offered by Medifast tend to trigger digestive problems and are harder to stick to for the long haul. Weight Watchers introduces a point-system for those struggling to lose weight; it shows them ways to eat healthy when you are traveling or busy.

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