How To Lose 20 Pounds In 30 Days – Diet Plan

Losing 20 pounds in a month may seem like an unachievable target, but it is definitely doable with the right diet plan. Weight loss demands a calorie deficit in the body. This means you need to choose foods that are low in calories but will keep you feeling full for longer. At the same time, you need to burn more calories than you ingest. If you can follow these basic rules, you should not find it too hard to reach this target.

What you can do to lose 20 pounds in 30 days-consider this diet plan guidelines:

  • To start with, eliminate all “white” carbs from your diet, like pasta, rice, fried foods, potatoes, and cereals. Refined/white carbs are stripped off their nutritional value during processing. Instead of white carbs, you need to add complex carbs to the diet as these are more nutritious and wholesome. The best choices are brown rice, quinoa, barley, etc.
  • The trick to losing 20 pounds in a short time is to stick to a specific low-calorie diet meal plan throughout the period. Eating the same meals repeatedly helps you reach the goal better. You can always mix and match the proteins, legumes, vegetables, etc. The idea is to consume foods like vegetables as these are nutrient-rich but not calorie-rich.
  • Stay off beverages and carbonated sodas which mean empty calories. Instead of calorie-rich drinks, consume water as much as you can or opt for low-calorie beverages. It is best to avoid fruit juices, milk, or regular soft drinks. Water is especially encouraged because it can rev up your body’s metabolism.
  • Counting calories helps you to stick to your weight loss goals. You will automatically pick out the right kinds of foods. Healthy dietary choices are the surest way to lose weight faster. Use a food tracking app or maintain a food journal to track your calories.
  • Upping your protein intake will help you lose weight quickly because proteins take longer to digest, and keeps your cravings at bay. Studies show that high-protein breakfasts will cut down ghrelin levels; this hormone regulates our hunger. The best protein sources which you can depend on are eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds, poultry, and seafood.
  • More fiber in the diet means faster weight loss because fiber travels slowly and takes a while to get digested. So, your stomach feels full for longer hours. Consuming insoluble fiber present in vegetables and wheat products can decrease appetite and cravings.
  • You will lose weight when you can burn more calories; the most effective way is by working out more often. Lifting weights or resistance training can help you boost endurance and muscle strength. This, in turn, accelerates metabolism and fat-burning power. Your body starts burning calories, even when it is at rest.
  • Sleeping well will ensure that you maintain an optimal body weight, just like diet and exercise. When you are sleep deprived, the calories keep piling up; studies reveal that it can elevate hunger hormone levels which triggers weight gain.
  • Staying accountable is important to achieve weight loss goals, even if it is a challenging one like losing 20 pounds in a month’s time. For this, you need to watch what you eat, exercise regularly, and track your progress.

These are some easy-to-do things which can make it possible for you to lose as many as 20 pounds in 30 days. There is no specific formula that will work for everyone. But, you should set yourself small achievable goals and work your way up.

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