Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig -Comparison of Cost, Food, Taste and Other Factors

With almost everyone looking for easy ways to lose weight, new and improved diet programs are coming out practically every day. But the problem is everyone is looking for a quick fix and most diet planners are designing their meals to help them achieve this short-term goal. However, a good diet plan is one that will not only help you lose the extra pounds but teach you how to stay off it. This is important because you should not regain the weight you had lost once you discontinue a diet. Unfortunately, not many will tell you how to inculcate healthy eating habits and make important lifestyle changes.

Fad diets may help you lose a lot of pounds in a rather short time, but these can be dangerous for your health in the long-term. You need a diet plan that is not only scientific but also sustainable. It’s not hard to find a diet program these days which promises to help you shed the extra weight in a healthy and safe way. But the question is how can you be sure you chose the right one?

Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig:

Both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig diet plans have their growing list of followers. While Nutrisystem was set up in 1972, Jenny Craig came about much later. Nutrisystem had started off as a brick-and-mortar outlet before becoming a household name in weight loss solutions. Jenny Craig started the company along with her husband in 1983 in Australia. Like Nutrisystem, it provided physical outlets where you could interact with diet counselors and buy foods. It continues to have in-person stores whereas Nutrisystem now operates online.


Nutrisystem has always focused on providing diet-friendly but well-balanced meals for its clients. It encourages portion control to achieve weight loss and regulating blood glucose levels by following the Glycemic Index values assigned to different foods. So, Nutrisystem meals are low in carbs and high in proteins which support quick weight loss. Jenny Craig focuses on food-body-mind approach that enables clients to shed weight and maintain it. You can count on their one-on-one support that makes the weight loss journey smooth.


When you sign up with Nutrisystem, you will get precooked, pre-packaged diet meals delivered to your home. You can even supplement these meals with fresh fruits or vegetables that you buy from your grocer. Customers are free to choose from frozen meals or shelf-stable foods, depending on their preference. Jenny Craig also offers a wide variety of packaged and ready-to-eat meals and snacks. These are delivered to your doorstep. Customers can choose from multiple low-calorie meal plans effective for weight loss. Both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig offer standard US-styled dishes like egg scrambles, hamburgers, cereals, pizzas, and cookies.

Number of days needed:

Nutrisystem will provide you with 28 days of pre-packaged ready-made meals. The first week meals are designed to jumpstart your metabolism. The remaining three weeks guarantee steady weight loss once the body is prepped. You may continue with Nutrisystem meals for as long as you want because they are affordable and convenient. Jenny Craig offers you the option to eat non-program foods almost 3-4 times every week once you have successfully reduced your weight by half. When you attain your weight loss goal, you can discontinue their packages.

Diet plans:

When you order from Nutrisystem, you are provided with different plan options like basic plans, separate plans for diabetics, vegetarians, seniors and women. Every meal plan offers multiple options in snacks and meals giving you the flexibility to choose from these. Jenny Craig also allows you to supplement their meals with fresh foods that are low in calories. But their meal structure is different from one another. Unlike Nutrisystem that offers 8 meal plans of different price levels, Jenny Craig offers 3 plans, namely, Complete, Essential, and Simple. The Simple Plan is the most pocket-friendly but offers the least number of meals. Essential and Complete plans are costlier and provide more variety in menus.

Personal coach:

Nutrisystem may not operate from any physical location but you can always reach out to their weight loss counselors through phone, email, or chat. You can access expert advice any time even though you cannot get a dedicated coach. Nutrisystem is meant for those who are motivated enough to stick to their diet meals. Members can access plenty of online resources like self-monitoring tools and even a large online community for support. Those who need more support may look at Jenny Craig because it provides personalized coaching. However, this one-on-one weekly counseling feature is provided only when you purchase their highest-tier plan. You can also meet Jenny Craig counselors in person but you must remember that they may not have formal training or experience.

Ways to maintain:

Nutrisystem provides a maintenance program for transitioning to your regular diet. This is called Nutrisystem Success where you can graduate to portion-controlled meal containers once you achieve your weight loss goals. Counselors will teach you how to make balanced meal choices which will help you sustain your weight loss. Jenny Craig too helps dieters switch to a long-term weight loss maintenance schedule once they are out of their weight loss program. This however starts earlier for those following Jenny Craig. Once they manage to reach a halfway point in this journey towards weight loss, they can include their own meals.


Pricing of these two diet planners’ shows why Nutrisystem is a clear winner; Jenny Craig meals are far more expensive. When you buy the 4-week Basic meal plan for Nutrisystem, you end up having to shell out about $8.10 a day for women and $9.20 a day for men. This will include 5 breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every week together with shipping charges. Even their top-tier Uniquely Yours Plan, which offers a choice from more than 160 menu options, is modestly priced at $9.89 a day for women and $10.99 a day for men. Jenny Craig provides different meal options depending on the amount of weight you need to lose. Every Jenny Craig plan includes meal planning, coaching, and consulting fees. The fees can be divided into food costs and membership fees. Plus, there is an enrollment fee which Nutrisystem doesn’t charge its clients. Jenny Craig plans will typically cost you about $390-$675 every month depending on which you choose, compared to Nutrisystem plans ranging from $257-$418. So, it is quite evident why dieters may be keener to opt for Nutrisystem when they are starting out.

Money-back policy:

With both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig, you can expect to lose about a couple of pounds every week if you stick to their plans. But, Nutrisystem appears to offer much more for the money they charge their clients. This is because there is a unique “try before buy” option that lets you taste Nutrisystem meals before you pay for their meal plans. Moreover, Nutrisystem has a money-back offer whereby you can claim a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the results. This goes to show how much confidence the diet planner has in its plans and accounts for the brand’s credibility.

These arguments show why Nutrisystem is a favorite amongst serious dieters. Not only is the diet plan easy-to-follow but it makes weight loss hassle-free and simple. Reports have shown that Nutrisystem plans have been effective and helped millions across the world to lose weight safely. You can hope to shed as many as 13 pounds in the first month of the diet itself. 

Nutrisystem members can enjoy valuable support to attain their weight loss goals. Weight loss counselors can be contacted any time through chats, emails, and phone calls. Most importantly, all meals are precooked and delivered straight to your doorstep. So, you have nothing to worry about once you have placed an order for your meals online. It takes the guesswork out of dieting by guaranteeing that every meal is calorie-controlled.

What is most appealing about Nutrisystem is its affordability. It is for everyone, not like Jenny Craig meal plans that are meant for those who don’t mind spending a fortune to lose weight. 

While Jenny Craig may offer a slightly more individualized experience, Nutrisystem can be there for you every step of the way. You can enjoy weight loss counseling services anytime you want to and that too for a fraction of the cost.  Most importantly, you learn to make the right food choices and understand the importance of having balanced meals. In the long run, you will not need to consult counselors to eat right.

For those of you looking for a scientifically-designed, effective, affordable, and sustainable diet program, Nutrisystem should be your first choice.