Finding a Keto Dessert at a Fast Food Restaurant

You might think it’s going to be impossible to find an actual keto-friendly dessert at a fast-food restaurant. You’re preparing to just power through your craving. While it is indeed difficult to find a dessert that you can eat while following the keto diet… it’s definitely not impossible. 

Time to place your order? Jump to the list of options!

Fast food dessert with a high sugar content is not very keto.

In this article, we’re going to list some of your options when heading out to a fast food joint and looking for dessert. We’ll also point you in the right direction in case you’re looking to whip up something sweet at home.

The problem with fast food desserts on keto

There is a fundamental problem you’ll run into when using ‘keto’ and ‘dessert’ in the same sentence – especially when you add ‘fast food’ into the mix. You see, most desserts are very sweet and usually, they’ll contain a ton of sugar. As you may know, a lot of sugar equals a lot of carbs.

That’s where things go wrong since keto is a low-carb diet. So, most of the ‘usual’ desserts have such a high sugar content and should be avoided altogether when you’re on the keto diet – whether you’re looking for fast food or not. 

Keto fast food dessert: your best chances

That being said, there are some exceptions. Let’s take a look at your options when you’re eating out at a fast-food restaurant. 

1. McDonald’s

First up is McDonald’s. Just so we’re clear, all their usual options like ice creams, milkshakes, and any type of cookie or muffin are completely off-limits if you’re looking for a keto dessert.

There is another option however: fruit. 

Fruits are a love/hate kind of food to keto enthusiasts because most of them are not keto-friendly. Most fruits actually contain a lot of carbs. That being said, eating a little bit of fruit is still a better idea than going for a chocolate muffin. 

That brings us to McDonald’s Apple Slices. In small portions, they can be eaten as a dessert while on the keto diet. Your body will not exit ketosis, provided you don’t eat a whole bunch of them.

Sadly, that’s it for McDonald’s. There’s not really any other option, even though their menu lists a lot of different desserts. 

2. Wendy’s

Moving on to another popular fast food joint. Wendy’s actually has a slightly better option compared to McDonald’s – even if it’s also fruit. At Wendy’s, you can order the ‘Berry Burst Fruit Cup’ which, as the name implies, is a cup of berries. 

As we’ve mentioned above, most fruits are not really compatible with a keto diet… but berries are*! Raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries aren’t that high in carbs which makes them safe to eat on keto (in small amounts).

*Blueberries should be avoided

So remember: the Berry Cup from Wendy’s is a great option if you’re looking for a keto fast food dessert.

3. Five Guys (and others)

Other popular fast-food joints have little to no options when craving a keto fast food dessert. It might come down to your own creativity to customize your order and make it keto-friendly.

For example, at Five Guys you could ask them to serve you whipped cream with some strawberries (basically combining two of their milkshake topping options) in a separate bowl. You’ll have a very tasty dessert that’s safe to eat on a keto diet. Of course, you’ll have to specifically ask them for this, as it’s not part of the standard menu.

As you can see, finding a keto-friendly dessert at a fast-food restaurant is rare.

One thing worth mentioning is that you can always opt for a cup of coffee. Some nice, hot coffee with a little bit of whipped cream or milk can also serve as a nice and tasty dessert. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy the extra health benefits of coffee!

Making some keto “fast food” dessert at home

If you’re looking to eat some dessert that is truly keto, the best option might be to create one yourself. It might not exactly be the “fast food” you wanted, but we think it still qualifies – depending on how you look at it.

1. Online recipes

There’s a lot of good recipes to be found on the internet. Think of a keto chocolate cake or low-carb cupcakes. Most of them are not too hard to make, even if you’re not really familiar with baking and/or cooking.

A Reddit user has come up with a weird milkshake alternative as a fast food keto dessert.

2. Weird milkshake alternative

Something else we came across in our search for a keto dessert is this suggestion from a Reddit user. He says that if you’re craving a milkshake, a good alternative is to take some orange soda and add a bit of whipped cream. It sounds disgusting – at least to us – but apparently it’s very tasty and a nice alternative to a regular milkshake.

3. Say cheese

Last but not least, a personal favorite of ours is to have a plate of cheese. A nice small selection of different cheese is a perfectly valid dessert. It’s also very tasty and (depending on the specific cheese) completely keto-friendly.

So if you’re looking for a keto fast food dessert to make at home, some nice cheese might just be the easiest way to go. 


In conclusion, it’s clear that a keto fast food dessert is quite rare, simply because most desserts are very sweet. Sugar and keto don’t go well together.

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Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas based on the options above. If you have any other suggestions or you want to share your favorite keto fast food dessert recipe, make sure to let us know in the comments!

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