Egg Diet Plan For Weight Loss

With hundreds of diet plans floating around, how do you know which one will work for you? Each claims to help you lose a whole amount of weight in a really short time. That’s what everyone wants to hear right? But can you trust these claims?

There is really no one-size-fits-all diet that can guarantee results. Any successful diet plan is always customized to cater to an individual’s physiological needs. While you have the Atkins diet, Keto diet, Mediterranean diet, each with its pros and cons, there is also an Egg Diet plan.

What is the Egg Diet all about?

This diet program is designed for weight loss and focuses on having at least a single meal daily that has egg in it. The plan focuses on low-calorie, low-carb and high proteins which can help you shed weight faster and not lose muscle mass in the process. 

Egg diets can be of different types; some opt for an egg-only diet. Whatever the version you follow, there will be 3 meals daily without snacks and you can only drink water. 

What can you eat in an Egg Diet?

Is the egg diet for everyone? Definitely not, because sustaining it can be quite a challenge. It’s a largely strict and restrictive diet.

Why not try the more flexible version? This will let you eat grilled fish/chicken, and steamed vegetables. However, you must eliminate carbs and sugar from your diet. 

So, you won’t find a standard egg diet; it depends on what type you prefer following. Some will advocate eating eggs only while others don’t mind supplementing it with vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Common choices of veggies are kale, spinach, mushrooms, and asparagus.

What should you avoid eating on an Egg Diet?

All fruits other than grapefruits shouldn’t be allowed when you follow the Egg Diet. Starchy carbs must be avoided, like bread, cereal, grains, pasta, potatoes, carrots, corn, squash, etc. There is no place for processed and canned foods in this diet. Dieters are forbidden from consuming alcohol, sugary products, fried and processed foods, juices, beverages, cheese, yogurts, milk, and other dairy foods.

Things to know before you start the Egg Diet:

When you cook eggs while following the Egg diet plan, you must not use oil or butter for cooking. For instance, if you choose a traditional egg diet you are free to eat proteins derived from other sources. This type is more like a high-protein low-carb diet.

If you choose an egg and grapefruits diet plan, you get to eat half a grapefruit for every meal. For example, you have half grapefruits with 2 eggs for breakfast, fish/eggs for lunch with grapefruit, and lean proteins for dinner with grapefruit.

Extreme egg diet plan allows dieters to only have eggs and water for every meal. This is obviously extremely restrictive and hard to sustain for the long haul.

The bottom line is eating any one kind of food for losing weight is bound to have shortcomings. It will trigger nutritional deficiencies. Since eggs lack fiber, the body doesn’t get enough fiber which is important for regular bowel movements. The good thing is the egg diet offers limited calories. So, it can be very helpful for anyone wanting to lose a lot of weight at one go.

Eggs are rich sources of minerals and vitamins like iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, choline, folate, vitamins A, D, and B12. Eggs are superfoods which can be supplemented with other fiber-rich and protein-rich foods to get the best results.

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